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VAHU – Vertical Mini Air Handling Unit

The Polar Air Vertical Mini AHU fan coil units have been specifically designed for vertical installations and suitable for ducted air distribution. With sandwich panels to achieve low noise levels, integrated control box and panels to access components, these units represent one of the most cost-effective solutions to provide a comfortable environment for both commercial and industrial applications. (M)VAHU range has been designed for exposed vertical installation directly in the room or required application spaces.

With an internal insulation panel, this product is distinguished by its compact design and low noise level.

VAHU – Vertical Mini Air Handling Unit Product Range

The Polar Air Vertical Mini AHU fan coil has a range of EC motor in 230V/50Hz or 115V-220V/60Hz units with the following capacities:

Vertical mini AHU [VAHU]
Mini AHU vertical VAHU range
Product range legend

Main Features



Made from frameless integrated folded steel structure, it uses a sandwich panel consisting of two walls with high-pressure PU foam inner insulation. Both walls are made of pre-coated steel 25,4 mm (1”) thickness.

Water coils

Water Coils

Built with seamless copper tubes and headers, mechanically expanded into corrugated aluminium fin material for a permanent primary to secondary surface bond. Tested at 35 bar, with maximum operating limits at 20 bar.


Fan Blowers

Galvanized steel housing center plate fixed impeller, with riveting compression on the end ring and galvanized steel sheet mounting feet to ensure adequate strength. All impellers and motors are fully balanced according to ANSI/AMCA-204 standard.



EC motors with included driven controls PCB, constant torque, permanent magnet, 3 speeds pre-set to allow precise air balancing.



Washable filters made of double-layer acrylic with an aluminium frame containing an G4 (Merv 8) efficiency class. F8 (Merv14) efficiency filters are optional.

Drain pans

Condensate Pans

Painted Steel drain pans with 4.7mm (3/16”) of insulation on the outer wall and isolated in aluminium in the inner wall, positively sloped, coated with self-extinguishing closed cell expanded polyethylene with thermal properties.



Optimized water circuit designs tested in accredited thermal test rooms to guarantee dependable performance and low water pressure drops. Airflow supplied at 300pa External Static Pressure (ESP), can reach up to 8000m3/h at highest speed.

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Specified under Eurovent Standards (50 & 60Hz)

Metric System
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Specified under AHRI Standards (60Hz)

Imperial System
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